On 11th February, we celebrated 112 Day. This year, we used this opportunity to honour all the people working in the emergency services chain. Whatever your role in the chain, thank you #HumansOf112 for helping to keep us safe every day.

The #Humansof112 was one the most successful to date. We were overwhelmed by the responses, enthusiasm and pride – so we want to continue celebrating together the amazing work they do every day.

You can now follow the Humans of 112 in their dedicated Facebook page, and continue learning what life is like in the emergency services. Would you like to be featured in the page? Get in touch with us, we are looking forward to welcoming you into the community!

And remember, you can use 112 in case of emergency free of charge, 24/7, anywhere in the EU.

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Volker Tondorf

Technology and technical equipment began to fascinate me already really early. Growing up in the generation “Commodore 64” I actually had no other choice. But it wasn’t a bad choice at all! Nowadays I realize that it shaped me more than expected. In 1999 the emergency services joined my life. During an alternative service (instead […]

November 21, 2019

Jadran Kapović

I never thought I would work in emergency field. I was always into helping others and when I became a good mountaineer and climber, I asked myself whether my knowledge and skills can be put to a good, humanitarian use. Just about that time, I got a call from a friend who was in the […]

September 11, 2019

Justin Camilleri

No matter in what part of the chain, working in the emergency field is the most rewarding. Every single moment is an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. I have been serving in the Malta Police Force for 25 years. I started off as a Constable, before being promoted to Sergeant and then […]

Marioluca Bariona

When I was just 18 years old, I had an extraordinary experience as an ambulance driver during civil service. Then, after graduating in nursing, I was attracted to working in the emergency response field. I first started out as a dispatcher and HEMS nurse, now I’m in charge of staff training. I wanted to engage […]

Rob Moore

Being a paramedic is one of the most varied and rewarding jobs there is. There are so few environments where I could see the beginning of a new life and the end of a life in the same 12 hour shift. I meet people from all walks of life, from the homeless, to patients sat […]

Hannah Karlsson

Working as an emergency dispatcher is challenging and sometimes stressful, but also very rewarding and developing. No one day is like another. In one call, I am a detective and have to solve a new problem, and in the next call I give emergency advice after a traffic accident. Sometimes when answering an emergency call, […]

Daniel Santos

The flash flood events in the Mediterranean area are perhaps the most dangerous situations that you can experience in Spain. I spent many summer holidays in this area, and year after year I checked the signs to see how high the water level rose during the last flood. But in 1982, my friends who live […]

Mihai Moldoveanu

I’ve been volunteering for 5 years, first starting with the Exista un Erou project and then at the Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service. I applied to join after losing someone very dear to me. As part of the project, when someone calls 112, every volunteer within 1km is alerted through an app. They then have the chance […]

Mikołaj Stosio

I’ve been interested in firefighting since I was 6 years old. My dad took me to a local Fire Rescue Unit to see his friend who showed me the fire house and their fire engines and told me about being a firefighter. When I was 12, my English teacher told me that her father was […]

Lars Hoebers

When I was 10 years old, I walked around with a police cap on. I always wanted to work for the police. Now I’ve been working for the police for 18 years. I started as an officer on the street, surveillance and traffic, but also with youth and drug related crimes. I saw a vacancy […]

Sacha Hansen

For a little more than a year now, I’ve been working as a 112 dispatcher at the Luxemburgish emergency centre. Alongside that, I’ve been volunteering as a firefighter on the field since 2006. In our little country, what’s special about our emergency service is that there is only one dispatching centre where all the emergency […]

Inga Vaičytė

I was interested in becoming a call-taker because I always wanted to help people who are injured, but I am afraid of blood and I cannot look at injuries! That is why I like this job, because I am helping victims by sending out help. The greatest motivation in this position is receiving appreciation from […]

Zoltán Hozbor

I was always interested in disasters and the way they are managed. It might sound cliché to say that I want to help people in need but anyway it is absolutely about this. My father was a professional soldier and worked in the field of military transportation. He inspired me to work at a law […]

Laura Hickey

My motivation for working in the Irish Heart Foundation is very personal. Heart disease and stroke has had a significant effect on my family. I feel strongly that everyone should get the opportunity to learn CPR; it’s a life skill like riding a bike. From a young age I’ve been interested in health, as a […]

Dr. Anna Mariola

Dealing with emergencies in the pre-hospital environment, with patients weighing from 500 grams to 300 kilograms, and ages from one hour to 100 years old, trying to treat and stabilise them, especially in a flight environment for more than 24 years… that in itself is a long story. My job is difficult, but extremely interesting. […]

Edda Jäckle

I used to be in the youth fire service. Already, even at that time, I was very interested in this profession. At the end of my studies, I wrote my diploma thesis in close cooperation with the fire department. These experiences sealed the deal… I started working as an instructor at the central fire service […]

Mounir Bouallegue

I am the deputy chief doctor for the health service of the fire and rescue service of l’Ain. I’ve been a medical firefighter – professional or volunteer – for 14 years. I was an emergency doctor and I was attracted by the diversity of the missions of the firefighters. In France, firefighters fight fires, help […]

Corporal Krista Zeltina

I’ve been working as a dispatcher at the 112 call centre in Riga for 6 years. I always wanted to work with people and to use my communication skills to help others. Every life saved inspires me. My first shift supervisor was also inspiring. She taught me to be independent, to assess situations and make […]

Raed Arafat MD.

The leading role that the Department of Emergency Situations plays, forces us to identify all the needed measures for a continuous development of the emergency system and also a good training for citizens against the disasters. Given the unpredictable daily risks we face, our duty is to increase Romania’s level of resilience, so we can […]

João Pina

VOST Portugal began thanks to four people that didn’t even know each other, during the forest fires in Monchique in August 2018. There was a lack of information about what was happening during the first nights and these four people started to gather information and spread it on Twitter. I was one of those people. […]

Preben Bonnén

’ve been a political adviser and analyst in civil protection and emergency planning for the last 20 years. My role is to advise politicians and give them insight and knowledge. In other words, with our work, we contribute to politicians making their decisions on a good and informed basis, so that the safety and security […]

Toni Alatalo

The Emergency Services College is the only institute in Finland that trains Emergency Response Centre (ERC) operators. Here in Finland, it’s quite a unique system, as we have one operator who takes care of everything in an emergency. That means, taking calls, making decisions, giving guidance and sending the correct resources to the emergency. All […]

Anne-Liis Taalmann

It’s a privilege to have job that actually matters, is needed and helps people. My greatest inspiration comes from my team, when we have solved a complex, difficult case successfully and we have put the best of our knowledge and competence into practice. And by doing so saved someone’s life. I was inspired by a […]

Slavi Pachalov

As a motorcycle paramedic, I am often the first to arrive on the scene of an accident. My main tasks are to ensure the safety of the injured and the others and to assess the situation. This means I have to be always in good form, to provide a fast and analytical response. I have […]

Sarah Massoni

“I’ve been a firefighter since March 2014. I have a lot of motivation at work because all the call-outs are different, and I don’t end up in a spiral where every shift is the same. It’s always different and it’s motivating to adapt your way of working to each call-out. And I gain experience from […]

August 28, 2019

Robert Schornsteiner

Working as a helicopter rescue pilot is very demanding. You must concentrate 100% of the time. Every mistake could be fatal. As a reward, you get to be work with a highly skilled crew, flying one of the most advanced helicopters on the market. When the weather is nice, a lot of people envy us, […]

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