Recurring cyberattacks around the world, including hospitals, remind us about the need for better preparedness. Rescue organisations need to operate non-stop: interference with first response can have significant repercussions, resulting even in the death of people who could otherwise be saved.

EENA working group on cybersecurity

In May 2017, EENA launched a network with the aim to bring together international experts on cybersecurity. The group helps its members learn from each other, share best practices and will come up with a set of concrete recommendations specifically designed for emergency response organisations.

The group is open to both EENA members & non-members. Experts and professionals in the field are invited to join us and help shape the future of cybersecurity for emergency services. We expect participants to cover all involved actors including public authorities, researchers and companies.

To find out more about how public safety organisations can mitigate cybersecurity risks and implement safeguarding, please consult the Cybersecurity: Guidelines and Best Practices for Emergency Services document. This document was written by members of the EENA Working Group on Cybersecurity.